investorsSage Capital is currently investing capital on behalf of The Sage Capital Investors Roundtable II, LLC (the “Roundtable”), a committed fund whose investors are comprised of current and retired executives, their families and the principals of Sage Capital.  The Roundtable’s investing partners – all individuals – bring together a formidable track record as managers and investors in businesses across a broad array of industries in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, finance and business services.

The Roundtable differs from a traditional private equity fund in certain key respects, endeavoring to be a partner of choice for management and owners of lower-middle market businesses.   Distinguishing hallmarks of the Roundtable include:

Experience: Current and retired executives who contribute judgment in addition to capital.
Engagement: Active participation is enshrined in the Roundtable’s governance and economics.
Long-Term: The fund has no liquidation date and can own investments indefinitely.
Alignment: Sage Capital’s principals provide 20% of the capital.
Fees: Firm compensation is tied to performance, not assets under management.
Taxation: As individuals, the Roundtable can own single-tax entities like LLCs and S-corps.